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matlab.unittest.plugins.Parallelizable class

Package: matlab.unittest.plugins

Interface for plugins that support running tests in parallel

Since R2019b


The matlab.unittest.plugins.Parallelizable class is an interface for TestRunnerPlugin instances that support dividing the test suite into separate groups and running each group on the current parallel pool. Parallelizable enables you to transfer data from MATLAB® workers to the MATLAB client. Additionally, you can use Parallelizable to specify the circumstances in which a plugin is not allowed to support running tests in parallel.

To create a plugin that supports running tests in parallel, subclass both the TestRunnerPlugin and Parallelizable classes. A TestRunner enhanced by a parallelizable plugin can run tests in both serial and parallel modes. To run tests in parallel, which requires Parallel Computing Toolbox™, invoke the runInParallel method on the TestRunner.

The matlab.unittest.plugins.Parallelizable class is a handle class.


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Version History

Introduced in R2019b