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Use Files on the Cloud

You can upload files from a computer to the Cloud and use MATLAB® Mobile™ to run them. For example, if you upload myfile.m to the Cloud, you can type the file name in the MATLAB Mobile Command Window to run it. You can also upload images and videos from your mobile device to your MATLAB Drive™.


Access to the MathWorks® Cloud requires a MathWorks Account. For access to all the features of MATLAB Mobile, you must have a valid MATLAB license:

  • Your MathWorks Account must be linked to the license you want to use.

  • Your license must be current on MathWorks Software Maintenance Service.

Without a license, you can still use MATLAB Mobile with limited functionality. For more information, visit Account and License Requirements.

Access Cloud Storage

  1. Sign in to your MathWorks Account, or create a new one at

  2. Go to MATLAB Drive online ( and upload files. With only a MathWorks Account, you get 250 MB of cloud storage on MATLAB Drive for your files.

    You can link a valid license to your MathWorks Account to increase your storage quota to 5 GB.

    To link your MathWorks Account to a license or to make sure your license is current on Software Maintenance Service:

    1. Go to and sign in to your MathWorks Account.

    2. Click on your user icon, and then click My Account in the drop-down menu. You will see a list of the licenses currently linked to your account.

      If no licenses are linked to your account, click Link an additional license and follow the online instructions.

    3. To verify that the Software Maintenance contract is up-to-date, click on a license to view the License Details. If the Service End Date has passed, contact your MathWorks Sales representative for assistance.

Upload Files from Desktop or Laptop

You can upload files from a desktop or laptop computer to the Cloud that you can then access from MATLAB Mobile.

  1. Go to

  2. Click Upload.

  3. Click Browse.

  4. Select one or more files and then click Open.

  5. Click Upload.

Upload Images and Videos from Mobile Device

You can share multiple images and videos from apps on your mobile device to your MATLAB Drive. Note that you cannot upload other types of files from a mobile device.

Use the Action button Action button through the device OS or any application that supports uploading images and videos.

If this is the first time you are uploading to your MATLAB Drive and you do not see the MATLAB Drive button, tap the Action button, then More, and enable MATLAB Drive.

Download a File

You can download one file or multiple files from the Cloud to a desktop or laptop computer. You cannot download files to your iOS mobile device.

  1. Go to

  2. Select files or folders that you want to download.

  3. Click Download.

Delete Files

Use your mobile device to delete files from the Cloud.

  1. From the Files screen:

    In the files list, swipe left on the file you want to remove to display the Delete button. Tap Delete.

  2. From the MATLAB command line:

    In the Command Window, enter the delete command:

    >> delete <filename>

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