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Code Generation Requirements

Code generation for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation with Simulink® Real-Time™ requires specific hardware and software.

Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements for HIL simulation with Simulink Real-Time are:

  • Development computer with a network or serial interface. For information on development computer specifications, see Development Computer Requirements (Simulink Real-Time).

  • Real-time target computer system, containing this hardware:

  • Controller, preconfigured with code from your controller model

  • Connection cable for linking the development computer to the real-time target machine. For information, see PCI Bus Ethernet Setup (Simulink Real-Time) and USB-to-Ethernet Setup (Simulink Real-Time).

  • Peripherals that provide a way to:

    • Boot the real-time target computer

    • Transfer the Simulink Real-Time operating system and executable code to the real-time target computer

  • Wiring harness to connect the real-time target computer to the controller.

Software Requirements

For information on the minimum software requirements for HIL simulation with Simulink Real-Time, see Simulink Real-Time Software Requirements. The Simulink Real-Time requirements include a C compiler. For information, see Simulink Real-Time C Compiler Requirements and Command-Line C Compiler Configuration (Simulink Real-Time).


If you want more configuration options for code optimization, use Embedded Coder® to generate code for your real-time computer. For information, see Embedded Coder Product Description (Embedded Coder).

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