Drop all output variables from the KinematicsSolver object


clearOutputVariables(ks) drops all output variables from the KinematicsSolver object ks. Output variables are the unknowns to solve for and report on during analysis. Use this function if none of the output variables are any longer relevant—for example, before formulating a new kinematic problem for the same multibody model using other output variables.

The figure shows the variables of a general KinematicsSolver object. Target (T), guess (G), and output (O) variables can be joint variables (J) or frame variables (F). The same variable can serve as guess and output or as target and output but not as guess and target.

Input Arguments

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Name of the KinematicsSolver object for which to run the analysis. The object is a kinematic representation of the model from which it derives. It contains the variables upon which the analysis depends.

Example: 'fourBarKS'

Data Types: char | string

Introduced in R2019a