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Release Notes

New Products and Major Updates

Database Toolbox

Exchange data with relational and nonrelational databases

Deep Learning HDL Toolbox

Prototype and deploy deep learning networks on FPGAs and SoCs

Financial Toolbox

Analyze financial data and develop financial models

GPU Coder

Generate CUDA® code for NVIDIA® GPUs

Lidar Toolbox

Design, analyze, and test lidar processing systems

Mapping Toolbox

Analyze and visualize geographic information

Model Predictive Control Toolbox

Design and simulate model predictive controllers

Optimization Toolbox

Solve linear, quadratic, conic, integer, and nonlinear optimization problems

RF Blockset

Design and simulate RF systems

RF Toolbox

Design, model, and analyze networks of RF components

RoadRunner Scene Builder

Automatically generate 3D road models from HD maps

Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox

Design, simulate, and test multisensor tracking and positioning systems

SerDes Toolbox

Design SerDes systems and generate IBIS-AMI models for high-speed digital interconnects


Model, simulate, and analyze biological systems


Model and simulate multidomain physical systems

Simulink Check

Measure design quality, track verification activities, and verify compliance with standards

Simulink Real-Time

Build, run, and test real-time applications

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

Analyze and model data using statistics and machine learning

UAV Toolbox

Design, simulate, and deploy UAV applications