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Lifecycle Designer

Create and edit lifecycles in Modelscape

Since R2023a


Use the Lifecycle Designer app to create new lifecycles and edit existing lifecycles in Modelscape™.

Each Modelscape model must be associated with a lifecycle and can have multiple model versions. Modelscape models are quantitative methods that apply statistical, economic, or other techniques to given inputs to produce an output. A Modelscape model corresponds to a Git™ repository. A model version refers to a Git commit.

A lifecycle represents the steps of a model version from drafting and proposal to retiring and decommissioning. At any time, each model version is in one specific state of the model lifecycle. Using this app, you can:

  • Create a new model lifecycle

  • Open, view, and edit existing lifecycles

Lifecycle Designer app

Open the Lifecycle Designer App

  • Launch the Lifecycle Designer app from the Modelscape Home page. To host Modelscape for your organization, contact MathWorks Consulting Services.


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Create a new lifecycle in Lifecycle Designer by selecting the New button on the menu.

Every lifecycle has a Draft state that you cannot copy or delete. To add a new state to the lifecycle, drag the State block to the corresponding location in the app. You can rename the state by double-clicking its text box.

To add a new task to the lifecycle, drag the Task block to the corresponding location in the app. You can rename the task by double-clicking its text box.

Add connections between the different states of the lifecycle. To add a connection from state 1 to state 2, click state 1 and then hold Ctrl while you click state 2.

To group different states, drag a Swimlane to cover the states you want to group. You can also click and drag your mouse to select states and click Group on the menu. You can assign a state to one swimlane at a time.

To ungroup states in a swimlane, select the swimlane and click Ungroup on the menu.

To save your lifecycle for the first time, click Save As... under the Save dropdown menu. If you continue editing the lifecycle and want to save it under the same name, click Save under the Save dropdown menu.

Open, view, and edit a preexisting lifecycle in Lifecycle Designer.

Open an existing lifecycle by clicking the Open dropdown button on the menu and clicking the corresponding lifecycle.

Edit the lifecycle by adding or deleting states, grouping or ungrouping elements in swimlanes, and adding or removing connections between states. When you are finished, save the lifecycle by clicking Save under the Save dropdown menu.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a

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