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Insert text formatted as code in a paragraph


This component inserts text formatted as code in a paragraph. The purpose of the component is to distinguish code, such as variable and property names, from other text in a paragraph. Its default style, rgCode, uses a monospace font instead of the default proportional font used by a Paragraph or Text component. The Code component also preserves white space (line feeds and spaces) in HTML and Word output. You can use this component to insert code in paragraphs in HTML, Word, and PDF reports. You can also use it to insert code in table entries and at the report body level in HTML reports, for example, web (HTML) reports.


This component applies only to template-based reports, such as Direct PDF (from Template). In XSL style sheet-based reports, for example, web (HTML), it serves as a Paragraph component.


  • Code to include in report: Specifies the code to include in the paragraph.

  • Style Name: Specifies the name of a style used to format the code. By default, the style name is rgCode, which is defined in the Report Explorer default document conversion templates. To override the default style:

    1. Set Style Name to Specify.

    2. In the Style Name text box, type a style name.

      To use the custom style you specify, it must be defined as a span style in the HTML or PDF template used with this report. For a Word template, it must be defined as a character or linked paragraph/character style. For more information about template styles, see Report Templates.


  • Bold: Makes the text bold.

  • Italic: Makes the text italic.

  • Underline: Underlines the text.

  • Color: Specifies the color of the text.

    • Select a color from the list of colors.

    • Enter a hexadecimal RGB value as #RRGGBB. For example, #0000ff is a shade of blue.

    • Enter %<expr>, where expr is a MATLAB® expression that evaluates to a color name or a hexadecimal RGB value.


These format options override any corresponding formats defined in the custom style you specify. For example, selecting Bold makes the text bold, even if the specified style uses regular weight text.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Inline text formatted as code.

For example, if you include a Code component with "Code     component  text" in a paragraph, the output appears exactly as you have typed it, preserving all of the spaces.