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Create Image Maps

In an HTML or PDF report, you can specify areas of an image as links. Clicking the link area in an image in an HTML browser opens the target. You can map different areas in an image to different link targets.

  1. Create an mlreportgen.dom.ImageArea object for each image area that is to serve as a link. You can specify text to display if the image is not visible.

    You can specify an image area to have one of these shapes:

    • Rectangle

    • Circle

    • Polygon

    For details, see mlreportgen.dom.ImageArea.

  2. Create an mlreportgen.dom.ImageMap object to associate the link areas with the image. Append the ImageArea objects to the ImageMap object.

For example, you can create a link from a plot image to documentation about plotting.

import mlreportgen.dom.*
d = Document('imageArea','pdf');

% Set page size to A4
pageSize = d.CurrentPageLayout.PageSize;
pageSize.Height = '297mm';
pageSize.Width = '230mm';

% Set margins to 0
pageMargins = d.CurrentPageLayout.PageMargins;
pageMargins.Top = '0mm';
pageMargins.Bottom = '0mm';
pageMargins.Left = '0mm';
pageMargins.Right = '0mm';

% Create a plot and save it as an image file
x = 0:pi/100:2*pi;
y = sin(x);
annotation('textbox', [0.2,0.4,0.1,0.1],...
           'string', 'Help on plot function');

% Create the DOM image object and append it to your document
plot1 = Image('plot_img.png');

% Define the area and link target using ImageArea
target = ['' ...
area1 = ImageArea( target, ...
'plot function help',160,340,383,392);

% Create the image map object and append the area to it
map = ImageMap();
plot1.Map = map;


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