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Get list of tables title reporter


titleReporter = getTitleReporter(lot)


titleReporter = getTitleReporter(lot) returns the reporter that the specified reporter uses to format the list of tables title. Use the properties of the returned Title reporter to customize the alignment, position, and appearance of the title.

Input Arguments

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List of tables reporter, specified as an object.

Output Arguments

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List of tables reporter, returned as an object.


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Suppose that you defined a custom template for a list of tables title in the template library of a template for your report output type. To use the custom template:

  1. Get the title reporter using getTitleReporter.

  2. Set the properties of the title reporter. Set the Content property to the title text, the TemplateSrc property to the path and file name of the template file, and the TemplateName property to the name of the custom template for the list of tables title.

  3. Set the Title property of the list of tables reporter to the title reporter.

For this example, suppose that the template file myTemplate.pdftx defines two templates to use with a list of tables title. One template, ListOfTablesTitleRed, uses a style that makes the title red. The second template, ListOfTablesTitleBlue, uses a style that makes the title blue. This code applies the template that makes the title blue:

rpt = Report('myReport','pdf');

lot = ListOfTables();
titleReporter = getTitleReporter(lot);
titleReporter.Content = "My List of Tables Title";
titleReporter.TemplateSrc = "myTemplate.pdftx";
titleReporter.TemplateName = "ListOfTablesTitleBlue";
lot.Title = titleReporter;
ch = Chapter("Magic Squares");
t = BaseTable(magic(2));
t.Title = "Order Two Magic Square";


Version History

Introduced in R2020b