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Open a Template

You can open a custom template to edit it. Opening a Word template opens the template in Microsoft® Word. Opening a single-file HTML template opens the file in the HTML editor specified by your Report Generator preferences (the MATLAB editor by default). Opening an HTML or PDF packaged template unzips the template and then opens the main template document and the document part template library in the HTML editor. To learn more about contents of templates, see Default Template Contents.

You cannot edit a default template. If you want to customize a default template, you must create a copy of the template and edit the copy. See Copy a Template.


The Report Generator repackages an open HTML or PDF template before running a report based on the template. Run a report after editing an HTML or PDF template to ensure that your changes are saved.

  1. In Report Explorer, select Tools > Edit Document Conversion Template.

  2. Select a custom template from the list of templates in the Report Explorer’s template list (center) pane. The template’s dialog appears in the right pane.


    If your custom template does not appear in the list, refresh the Report Explorer’s template cache (see Template Cache).

  3. Click Open template to open the report’s template and component template library for PDF and HTML templates.

  4. Click Open style sheet to open the template’s style sheet.

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