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Table Formatting Components

Use table formatting components to organize generated content into tables. The following table summarizes the table formatting components.

TableParent a table body component. Can also parent column specification components and a table header and a table footer component. Specifies properties of the table as a whole (for example, its title, number of columns, and border).
Table BodyParent the rows that make up the table body. Specifies the default vertical alignment of entries in a table body.
Table Column SpecificationSpecify attributes of a table column, such as its width and borders and the default horizontal alignment of column entries.
Table EntryParent a component that determines a table entry’s content, such as a paragraph, image, list, or another table component. Specifies attributes of a table entry, such as the number of rows and columns that it spans.
Table FooterParent the row components that generate the content of a table footer.
Table HeaderParent the row components that generate the content of a table header.
Table RowParent the table entry components that generate the content of a table row.


Inserting a Table component into a setup also inserts all the descendant components required to generate a 2x2 table, creating a table template. Edit this template to create a table that suits your needs.