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Report Creation

Create HTML, PDF, Microsoft® Word, and PowerPoint® reports

You can create reports for Simulink® models using any of these approaches:

  • Create the report using the Report API and Document Object Model (DOM) API. See Report Generator Creation (MATLAB Report Generator).

  • Generate a report about your model using predefined reports that you can access from the Simulink Editor. You can use these reports as the basis for customization.

  • Update your report structure created using Report Explorer and generate your report interactively. Do not use Report Explorer to create new reports. Use the Report and DOM APIs. Learn about Report Explorer in the MATLAB® Report Generator™ documentation. See Update Reports Created Interactively to learn how to use the Report Explorer. See Update Reports Created Interactively to learn about the Report Explorer components that are specific to Simulink and associated software.

  • Use Predefined Reports
    Generate and customize predefined Simulink Report Generator reports
  • Create Reports
    Use the Report API and DOM API to generate and customize Simulink Report Generator reports
  • Update Reports Created Interactively
    Use Report Explorer to update report setup file, define report structure and content
  • Utilities
    Advanced functions for manipulating and querying models, charts, and elements directly