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Stop or Restart an Executable Running on BeagleBone Blue Hardware

You can use the MATLAB® Command Window to stop or restart binary executables that are running on the BeagleBone® Blue hardware.

  1. Create a connection from the MATLAB software to the BeagleBone Blue hardware. In this example, the connection is named bbblue.

    If a connection is already present in the MATLAB Workspace, skip this step.

    bbblue = beagleboneblue
    bbblue = 
      beagleboneblue with properties:
        DeviceAddress: ''
                 Port: 22

  2. To stop an executable running on the hardware, use the stopModel function with the connection followed by the name of the executable. The name of the executable is the same as the name of the model from which the executable originated. For example:

    ans = 
    In this example, bbblue represents the connection to the BeagleBone Blue hardware.

    When the executable stops running on the hardware, the function returns 1.

  3. To restart the stopped executable, or to run multiple instances of the executable, use the runModel function. For example:

    ans =

    When the executable starts running on the hardware, the function returns 1.

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