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Prepare model for hardware connection



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DC MotorRepresent connected DC motor and set motor speed
Digital OutputRepresent one pin as digital output and set logical value
Servo MotorRepresent connected servo motor and set angular position value
Competition SwitchRead switch positions of VEXnet Competition Switch and provide logical values for Autonomous and Driver modes
Gamepad AccelerometerRead analog value from VEX gamepad accelerometer
Gamepad ButtonRepresent one button on VEX gamepad and read logical value
Gamepad JoystickRepresent one control axis on x-yanalog VEX gamepad joystick and read values
LCD ButtonRead logical state of selected push button on LCD Display Module
LCD ScreenDisplay text and numerical value on specified line of LCD screen
Analog InputRead the value of a sensor attached to an analog input pin
Digital InputRead the digital value of an input pin
GyroscopeMeasure yaw rotation in degrees
Integrated Encoder ModuleMeasure the rotation of a motor in ticks
Optical Shaft EncoderMeasure the rotation of a motor in ticks
Ultrasonic SensorMeasure the distance to an object: 0.02 to 2.0 meters (m)
Arcade ModuleGet the right and left wheel speed values of a robot in an Arcade configuration
Field SimulatorView the simulation speed values of a two-wheel robot
Gamepad SimulatorGet the simulation value of a VEX gamepad using Logitech F310 or XBOX Controller
Gear TransmissionSet a scalar value (1 to 4) based on input values
LatchLatch the logical value based on the change in the input signal
Real TimeSlow down simulation time close to real time