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Toolchain details

Baseline toolchain settings

Model Configuration Pane: Code Generation


The Toolchain details parameters display and customize toolchain build configuration settings.


These parameters appear when the model is configured with a system target file that specifies toolchain-based code generation, as described in Configure CMake Build Process and Configure Toolchain (ToolchainInfo) or Template Makefile Build Process.


To display a table of tools and options for the current build configuration, click Toolchain details.


depends on tools and toolchain

The Tool column can include:

  • C Compiler, Linker, Shared Library Linker, C++ Compiler, C++ Linker, C++ Shared Library Linker, Archiver, Download, Execute, and Make Tool. Content of the Options column can vary by tool and toolchain and can contain macros. To create a custom build configuration, set Build configuration to Specify. Consult third-party toolchain documentation for more information about options you can use with a specific tool.

  • CMake Configure and CMake Build. If Build configuration is Specify, use the Options column as follows:

    • CMake Configure –– Specify additional command-line arguments to pass to CMake when generating the builder artifacts for the downstream tools.

    • CMake Build –– Specify additional command-line arguments to pass to CMake when using it in build mode.

Recommended Settings

Safety precaution 

Programmatic Use

Parameter: CustomToolchainOptions
Type: character vector
Value: Specify the baseline toolchain settings. Use a new-line-delineated character vector to specify each option and its values.
Default: ''

Version History

Introduced in R2013b