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Value of species, compartment, or parameter object


The Value property is the value of a parameter, species, or compartment object.

A parameter object defines an assignment that can be used by the model object and/or the kinetic law object. Create parameters and assign Value using the method addparameter.

For a species object, this property is identical to the InitialAmount property. For a compartment object, this property is identical to the Capacity property.


Applies toObject: species, compartment, parameter
Data typedouble
Data values

Any double. Default value is 1.0 for parameter and compartment objects, and 0.0 for the species object.



Assign a parameter with a value to the model object.

  1. Create a model object, and then add a reaction object.

    modelObj = sbiomodel ('my_model');
  2. Add a parameter to the model object (modelObj) with Value 0.5.

    parameterObj1 = addparameter (modelObj, 'K1', 0.5)

    MATLAB® returns:

    SimBiology Parameter Array
    Index:    Name:    Value:    ValueUnits:
     1         K1       0.5         

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