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Ensemble Runs of Stochastic Simulations

Because stochastic simulations rely on an element of probability, sequential runs produce different results. Therefore, multiple stochastic runs are needed to determine the probability distribution of the simulation results.

Ensemble runs perform multiple simulations of a model using a stochastic solver. They let you gather data from multiple stochastic runs of the model so you can compare and analyze fluctuations in the behavior of a model over repeated stochastic simulations.

Running Ensemble Simulations

The following functions let you perform and analyze ensemble runs at the command line:

  • sbioensemblerun — Perform a stochastic ensemble run of the MATLAB® model object.

  • sbioensembleplot — Show a 2-D distribution plot or a 3-D shaded plot of the time varying distribution of one or more specified species.

  • sbioensemblestats — Get mean and variance as a function of time for all the species in the model used to generate ensemble data by running sbioensemblerun.

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