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Battery Pack Modeling

Build battery models using MATLAB and Simscape

Simscape™ Battery™ includes MATLAB® objects and methods to automate the creation of Simscape battery models. These MATLAB objects allow you to define your own battery design specifications, visualize your battery in a 3-D space, customize the modeling resolution during simulation, and generate a Simulink® library that contains your custom generated battery blocks. You can use these blocks to assist with virtual battery design and verification, help develop battery control algorithms using Simulink, explore design sensitivities, and design thermal management strategies.

You can develop and test battery control strategies by simulating your custom battery blocks with the blocks in the Battery Management System (BMS) library of Simscape Battery. You can also thermally couple your custom battery models in Simulink with the blocks in the Thermal Management System library. Alternatively, you can define your own custom battery control and cooling system blocks.


Battery BuilderDefine battery system and automatically generate dynamic models


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CellCreate single electrochemical battery cell
ParallelAssemblyCreate parallel assembly of battery cells
ModuleCreate module of battery parallel assemblies
ModuleAssemblyCreate assembly of battery modules
PackCreate pack of module assemblies
CellModelBlockSet of conditional parameters for Cell object
CylindricalGeometryCylindrical geometry for battery cell
PouchGeometryPouch geometry for battery cell
PrismaticGeometryPrismatic geometry for battery cell
BatteryChartVisualize battery objects


buildBatteryBuild custom library blocks from battery objects

Simscape Blocks

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BatteryBehavioral battery model
Battery (Table-Based)Tabulated battery model
ParallelAssembly (Generated Block)Generated Simscape model of battery parallel assembly
Module (Generated Block)Generated Simscape model of battery module
ModuleAssembly (Generated Block)Generated Simscape model of battery module assembly
Pack (Generated Block)Generated Simscape model of battery pack