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Voltage Sensor

Voltage sensor in electrical systems

  • Voltage Sensor block

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The Voltage Sensor block represents an ideal voltage sensor, that is, a device that converts voltage measured between two points of an electrical circuit into a physical signal proportional to the voltage.

Use the + and - ports to connect the sensor in parallel with the block (or several blocks) where you want to measure the voltage. Port V outputs the measurement result as a physical signal. Use a PS-Simulink Converter block to connect this port to Simulink® blocks, such as Scope or Display.



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Physical signal output port for the voltage measurement.


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Electrical conserving port associated with the sensor positive terminal.

Electrical conserving port associated with the sensor negative terminal.

Extended Capabilities

C/C++ Code Generation
Generate C and C++ code using Simulink® Coder™.

Version History

Introduced in R2007a