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Remove database from Model Finder

Since R2023b



    modelfinder.unregisterDatabase displays a list of the databases registered with the Model Finder and prompts you to select the databases you want to remove from the Model Finder.


    modelfinder.unregisterDatabase(dbPaths) removes the databases specified by one or more database paths from the Model Finder.


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    Remove registered databases from the Model Finder.


    The Command Window displays a list of databases registered with the Model Finder. The list uses the database aliases. If an alias is not set when you register or create a database, the list uses the database name. To remove databases, enter the corresponding numbers.

    Enter the database numbers you want to unregister as comma-separated values or 'q' to quit.
    1. Analog
    2. Continuous 
    3. Digital
    4. Discrete
    5. modelfinder

    Create new databases.


    Remove database digital_systems.db from Model Finder.


    Removing a database from Model Finder will not delete the database from the folder.

    Input Arguments

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    Absolute or relative paths to the database files to be removed from Model Finder, specified as a string or character vector for a single database, or a string array or cell array of character vectors for multiple databases.

    Example: "communication/databases/digital_systems.db"

    Example: ["analog_systems.db","digital_systems.db"]

    Data Types: string | char | cell

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023b