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Getting Started with Minidrone Basics Using Virtual Lab Modules

To help you get started with the basics of minidrones, Simulink® Support Package for Parrot® Minidrones provides four virtual lab modules. These modules cover the following concepts that are relevant to designing, simulating, and deploying algorithms to fly a Parrot Minidrone:

  • Simulation and control systems

  • Finite state machines and control logic

  • Image processing and computer vision

To launch the learning modules:

  1. Open the main module by executing this command at the MATLAB command prompt:


  2. View the instructions. Select one of the four virtual lab modules from the list in the Live Script and then run the Live Script to launch the selected module.


It is recommended that you start with the Basic module, and then progress to Control, Maneuver, and Perception modules, in that order. Each module has its own Simulink project with the relevant supporting files that also include the corresponding Live Script file with instructions.

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