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Known Limitations of startup variant activation time

The following are currently not supported with startup variant activation time:

  • Blocks with Simscape™ physical connection ports.

  • The variant condition expression can contain only "==", "~=", "&&", "||" and "~" operators.

  • Simulink.Parameter with custom storage classes having const and macro types are not supported for ERT based code generation.

  • Variant conditions with mix of code compile and startup gets combined during variant activation during propagation. Variant condition propagation with mix of code compile (#if) and startup (if) is not supported. Whenever code compile and startup gets combined it results in update diagram error. For more information, see Considerations and Limitations for startup Variant Activation Time.

  • Multi-input variant source with ‘Output function call’ selected to merge function-call signals is not supported.

  • A Variant Subsystem block with startup activation time and more than one variant choice does not support function-call signals on its outports.

  • Variant Manager constraints are not validated when variant control variable values are changed as part of fast restart workflows for variant blocks with startup activation time. For information on constraints, see Define Constraints for Variant Configurations.