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Limitations with Multicore Programming in Simulink

The following limitations apply when partitioning a model for concurrent execution.

  • Configure the model to use the fixed-step solver.

  • These model settings should not be used for models in the concurrent execution environment:

    • External mode for Mac desktop targets.

    • Logging to MAT-files (MAT-file logging check box selected). However, you can use the To Workspace and To File blocks.

    • If you are simulating your model using Rapid Accelerator mode, the top-level model cannot contain a root level Inport block that outputs function calls.

    • In the Configuration Parameters dialog box, set the Diagnostics > Sample Time > Multitask conditionally executed subsystem and Diagnostics > Data Validity > Multitask data store parameters to error.

  • If you want to use explicit partitioning, at the root level of your model, the model must consist entirely of

    • Models that are referenced using Model blocks

    • Subsystem blocks

    • MATLAB® System blocks

    • MATLAB Function blocks

    • Stateflow® charts

    • Rate Transition blocks

    • Virtual connectivity blocks

      The following are valid virtual connectivity blocks:

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