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Modeling Message Communication Patterns with SimEvents

This example shows how to create common communication patterns using SimEvents®. In message-based communication models, you can use SimEvents® to model and simulate middleware, and investigate the effects of communication and the environment on your distributed architecture.

The systems in this example represent common communication patterns created by using SimEvents® blocks that can be used to simulate various network types, such as cabled or wireless communication, and channel behavior such as failure, or packet loss.

The communication patterns involve:

  • Merging messages from multiple senders.

  • Broadcasting messages to multiple receivers.

  • Distributing work to multiple receivers.

  • Multicasting messages among multiple senders and multiple receivers.

  • Running a component based on message availability and data.

  • Delaying messages for a set amount of time.

To create more complex networks and channel behavior, use combinations of these simple patterns.

By using these patterns, you can model:

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