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Organize Large Modeling Projects

You can use projects to help you organize your work. To get started with managing your files in a project:

  1. Try an example project to see how the tools can help you organize your work. See Explore Project Tools with the Airframe Project.

  2. Create a new project. See Create a New Project From a Folder.

  3. Use the Dependency Analysis view to analyze your project and check required files. See Run Dependency Analysis.

  4. Explore views of your files. See Work with Project Files.

  5. Create shortcuts to save and run frequent tasks. See Use Shortcuts to Find and Run Frequent Tasks.

  6. Run custom task operations on batches of files. See Run a Project Custom Task and Publish Report.

  7. If you use a source control integration, you can use the Modified files view to review changes, compare revisions, and commit modified files. If you want to use source control with your project, see About Source Control with Projects.

For guidelines on structuring projects, see Capabilities of Model Components.

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