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Orbisnap Viewer

What Is Orbisnap?

The Simulink® 3D Animation™ product includes Orbisnap. Orbisnap is a free, optional, stand-alone virtual world viewer that does not require you to have either the MATLAB® or Simulink 3D Animation products running. You can use Orbisnap to:

  • View prerecorded WRL animation files. For example, you can show prerecorded animation files in a meeting at which you do not have access to the MATLAB or Simulink 3D Animation products.

  • Remotely view, from a client machine, a virtual world loaded in a current session of the Simulink 3D Animation product. For example, to visualize a virtual world active in a Simulink 3D Animation session that is running on a computer in another room, or across the network. This functionality allows you to view a simulation remotely, but not control it.

  • View and navigate, but not simulate, a virtual world. You can navigate, render, and otherwise visualize a virtual world without simulating it.

  • View virtual worlds using stereoscopic vision.

Orbisnap is multiplatform. You can run Orbisnap on any of the platforms that the Simulink 3D Animation product supports. You do not need a MathWorks® license to run Orbisnap.

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