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Extract sinestream signal at specified frequencies


input2 = fselect(input,fmin,fmax)
input2 = fselect(input,index)


input2 = fselect(input,fmin,fmax) extracts a portion of the sinestream input signal input in the frequency range between fmin and fmax. Specify fmin and fmax in the same frequency units as the sinestream signal.

input2 = fselect(input,index) extracts a sinestream signal at specific frequencies, specified by the vector of indices index.


Extract the second frequency in a sinestream signal:

% Create the input signal
input = frest.Sinestream('Frequency',[1 2.5 5],...
                      'Amplitude',[1 2 1.5],...
                      'NumPeriods',[4 6 12],...
                      'RampPeriods',[0 2 6]);

% Extract a sinestream signal for the second frequency
input2 = fselect(input,2)

% Plot the extracted input signal

Version History

Introduced in R2010a