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Exclude inactive choices of variants

Exclude inactive choices of variants

Since R2022a

Model Configuration Pane: Coverage


The Exclude inactive choices of variants parameter specifies whether to exclude inactive choices of Simulink® variants with startup activation time and inactive variant configurations in Stateflow® charts from coverage data results. For more information about coverage for variants, see Model Coverage for Variant Blocks.

You can also change the variant reporting behavior after your simulation completes by changing the value of the excludeInactiveVariants property in the cvdata object before creating the coverage report.


off (default) | on

Include the inactive choices of variants in the coverage report. This setting can result in a large percentage of unsatisfied coverage objectives.


Exclude inactive choices of variants from the coverage report.

Programmatic Use

Parameter: CovExcludeInactiveVariants
Type: character vector | string
Value: "on" | "off"
Default: "off"

Version History

Introduced in R2022a