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Export Model Coverage Web View

You can export a Model Coverage Web View for your model. A Web View is an interactive rendition of a model that you can view in a Web browser. A Model Coverage Web View includes model coverage highlighting and analysis information from the Coverage Display Window, as described in View Coverage Results in Simulink Canvas.

Use the Results Explorer to generate a Model Coverage Web View. After you record coverage, you access the Results Explorer from the Coverage app. In the Results Explorer, open the Settings, select Generate Web View Report, and click Apply.

Coverage Results Explorer Settings page. Under "Html Options" there is a setting called "Generate Web View Report."

Next, select the Current Cumulative Data click Generate report.

When you generate a coverage report for your model with these settings enabled, the software generates a Model Coverage Web View that you can open in a browser. To see model coverage information for a block in a Model Coverage Web View, click that block. The model coverage data appears in the Informer pane, below the model.

For more information, see Web Views (Simulink Report Generator).