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Design Optimization-Based Controllers for LTI Systems

This topic shows how to design optimization-based linear controllers for an LTI model.

To design an optimization-based linear controller:

  1. Create and import a linear model into the Control System Designer app. You can create an LTI model at the MATLAB® command line, as described in Create an LTI Plant Model.

  2. Create a Control System Designer session, as described in Open the Control System Designer App.

  3. In the Tuning Methods drop-down list, select Optimization Based Tuning to open the Response Optimization window. For more information, see Open Optimization Based Tuning Method .

  4. In the Response Optimization window, select the Compensators tab to select and configure the compensator elements you want to tune during the response optimization. For more information, see Select Tunable Compensator Elements.

  5. In the Design requirements tab, select the design requirements you want the system to satisfy. For more information, see Add Design Requirements.

  6. In the Response Optimization window, click Start Optimization. The optimization progress results are displayed in the Optimization tab. The Compensators pane contains the new, optimized compensator element values. For more information, see Optimize the System Response.

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