Troubleshooting in Simulink Desktop Real-Time

Troubleshoot problems that you encounter while using the Simulink® Desktop Real-Time™ product

For questions or issues about your installation of the Simulink Desktop Real-Time product, refer to these guidelines and tips. For more specific troubleshooting solutions, go to the MathWorks Help Center website.

Try This First: Confidence Test

Run Confidence Test

Test the Simulink Desktop Real-Time installation, the build process, and the execution of a real-time application.

Model Execution

Troubleshoot Vendor Software Missing Issues

Investigate issues that cause warning or error messages from vendor software installation requirements.

Troubleshoot sldrtext Incorrect Version Error

Investigate 'sldrtext': incorrect version message during simulation.

Application Signals

Troubleshoot Delayed or Missing Scope Output

Investigate delayed or missing scope output in external mode.

Troubleshoot Signals Not Plotted in Scope Blocks

Investigate issues that prevent Scope blocks from displaying output.


Troubleshoot Builds of Referenced Models

Investigate issues that cause warning or error messages for blocks in referenced model builds.

Troubleshoot Slow or Halted Simulation on Windows

Investigate slow or halted simulation on Windows systems with virtualization.

Troubleshoot C++ Standard Template Library (STL) Compilation Errors for Real-Time Application

Investigate compiler errors related to STL interfaces.