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Class: slreq.ReqSet
Namespace: slreq

Assign PreSaveFcn callback script

Since R2022a




setPreSaveFcn(rs,callbackScript) assigns the script specified by callbackScript as the PreSaveFcn callback script for the requirement set rs.

Input Arguments

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Requirement set, specified as an slreq.ReqSet object.

Name of the script to register as the PreSaveFcn callback for the requirement set, specified as a string scalar or character vector.


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This example shows how to get and set the PreSaveFcn callback for a requirement set.

Add the current folder to the path.


Open the ShortestPath project that contains an algorithm to calculate the shortest path between two nodes on a graph. For more information, see Verify a MATLAB Algorithm by Using Requirements-Based Tests.


Open the shortest_path_tests_reqs requirement set. The requirement set contains test requirements that describe the functional behavior that must be tested by a test case in order to verify the shortest_path algorithm in the project.

testReqs ="shortest_path_tests_reqs");

Register the preSaveTestReqs script as the PreSaveFcn callback.


Confirm that the preSaveTestReqs script is the PreSaveFcn callback for the shortest_path_tests_reqs requirement set.

callbackScript = getPreSaveFcn(testReqs)
callbackScript = 

Save the shortest_path_tests_reqs requirement set to execute the callback.


The preSaveTestReqs script saves the current Requirements Editor view settings to a MAT-file called myViewSettings.mat.

type preSaveTestReqs.m

Version History

Introduced in R2022a