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Proxy Task

A placeholder for a task in your application

Since R2019b

  • Proxy Task block

SoC Blockset / Processor Task Execution


The Proxy Task block simulates the effect of a timer-driven task in your SoC application without an explicit implementation. This block can be used as a placeholder for timer-driven tasks to be developed in the future, or implemented simultaneously by another developer.

When added to your processor reference Model block, it causes the processor model, when set to schedule rates by ports, to display a periodic event port with a sample time equal to Sample Time parameter. Connect the periodic event port to a timer-driven task output port on the Task Manager block.



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A function-call signal that triggers the Proxy Task block when operating as an event-driven task.


To enable this port, set the Type property to Event-driven.

Data Types: function-call


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Select the type of task as either Timer-driven or Event-driven.

Sample time of the block.


  • The Sample Time of the Proxy Task block must match the sample time of the corresponding timer-driven task from the Task Manager block.

  • The Sample Time of the Proxy Task block should be unique within the model. When other blocks in the model use the same sample time, the duration of the task defined by Proxy Task block cannot be guaranteed in code generation.


To enable this parameter, set the Type property to Timer-driven.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b