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Video Test Sink

Receive continuous video stream data

  • Video Test Sink block

SoC Blockset / Hardware Logic Testbench


The Video Test Sink block receives continuous video stream data from advanced extensible interface AXI4-based video stream data interface blocks. You can use this block as a test sink block for simulating AXI4-based video stream data applications.

The block accepts video stream data along with a control bus and outputs a control bus.



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Input video stream data from the data source. This value must be a vector.

Data Types: uint8

Input control bus from the data source, specified as a bus. This control bus comprises these signals:

  • hStart — First pixel in a horizontal line of a frame

  • hEnd — Last pixel in a horizontal line of a frame

  • vStart — First pixel in the first (top) line of a frame

  • vEnd — Last pixel in the last (bottom) line of a frame

  • valid — Indicates the input pixel data on rdData input port is valid

Data Types: pixelcontrol


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Output control bus to the data source signaling that the block is ready to accept video stream data. This control bus comprises a ready signal.

Data Types: StreamVideoS2MBusObj


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Select the frame dimensions as one of these values:

  • 576p SDTV (720x576p)

  • 720p HDTV (1280x720p)

  • 1080p HDTV (1920x1080p)

  • 160x120p

  • 320x240p

  • 640x480p

  • 800x600p

  • 1024x768p

  • 1280x768p

  • 1280x1024p

  • 1360x768p

  • 1366x768p

  • 1400x1050p

  • 1600x1200p

  • 1680x1050p

  • 1920x1200p

The Frame size value must be same as that of the data source.

Select the type of color space as YCbCr422, RGB, or YOnly. The Color space value must be same as that of the data source.

Select this option to reorder input pixels. Streaming pixel format order is from left to right across each line, then down to the next line, or row-major. However, some matrix operations use column-major order, that is, from top to bottom and then right to the next column. Depending on how your design has manipulated the pixels, you may need to reorder them for correct display.

Select this parameter to save the input video stream data to the MATLAB® workspace.

Specify the workspace to which input video stream data is saved. This parameter can be any MATLAB-supported variable name.


To enable this parameter, select the Save data in workspace parameter.

Select this parameter to view the input video stream data in the MATLAB viewer.

Extended Capabilities

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Version History

Introduced in R2019a