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Use Memory and I/O Device Data in Processor Simulation

The Processor I/O sub-library in SoC Blockset™ contains blocks that simulate the data transfer between the processor system and memory or I/O devices in the SoC application. Processor I/O blocks including the following:

In simulation, an IO Data Source block sends data messages to the Processor I/O block. The IO Data Source block can generate data from one of three sources:

  • Replay recorded data from file

  • From input port

  • Zeros

These modes allow tasks to simulate using either previously recorded or data generated in simulation.

For event-driven task, the IO Data Source sends a message to the connected Processor I/O block and event signal to the Task Manager block to start the task containing the Processor I/O block. This configuration allows simulation of asynchronous tasks with data recorded from actual

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