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Act on Your Data

This example shows how to send a tweet when your dew point data exceeds 60°F using ThingTweet and React apps.

Prerequisite Steps

This example requires that you have already performed these steps:

Attach Twitter Account

  1. Go to Apps > ThingTweet.

  2. On the ThingTweet page, click Link Twitter Account to link your Twitter account to your ThingSpeak account.

  3. Enter your Twitter user name and password, and click Authorize App.

  4. On the Authorization page, click Back to ThingTweet. Notice that your Twitter account is linked to ThingSpeak.

React to Change in Dew Point

This example shows how to send a tweet each time the dew point level goes over 60°F by checking the channel every 10 minutes.

  1. Go to Apps > React, and click New React.

  2. Name your React "Dew Point Tweet."

  3. Set the Condition Type to Numeric.

  4. Set the Test Frequency to Every 10 minutes.

  5. Set the condition to trigger when the humidity value in your channel reaches or goes above 60:

    • If channel: select your dew point measurement channel.

    • field: select 3 (Dew Point).

    • For the condition type, select is greater than or equal to.

    • For the condition value, enter 60.

    • Set Action to ThingTweet.

    • Enter this string in then tweet:

      Turn off that humidifier! It's above 60F 

    • Select your Twitter account in using Twitter account.

    • In Options, choose Run action each time the condition is met.

    • Click Save React.

The tweet is sent every time the humidity level goes above 60°F.

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