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Configure sensors connected to Texas Instruments® C2000™ microcontrollers

Configure the sensor blocks to read data from IMU and environmental sensors.


BMI160Measure linear acceleration, angular rate, and temperature from BMI160 sensor (Since R2021b)
BMM150Measure magnetic field from BMM150 sensor (Since R2021b)
BME280Measure barometric air pressure, relative humidity, and temperature from BME280 sensor (Since R2021b)
ADXL34x AccelerometerMeasure linear acceleration along axes of ADXL34x family of accelerometers (Since R2022a)
LIS3DH Accelerometer SensorMeasure linear acceleration, voltage, and temperature from LIS3DH sensor (Since R2022b)
BMP280 Pressure SensorMeasure barometric air pressure and ambient temperature from BMP280 sensor (Since R2022b)


Workaround to Reset Interrupt Pin of Sensors Supporting Latched Interrupts

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