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Export Image to MATLAB Workspace

This model shows how to export an image from Simulink to MATLAB workspace by using the Video To Workspace block.

Example Model

This model takes a color image as the input, converts it into a gray scale image and exports the converted image to MATLAB workspace.


To convert the original image into gray scale, set the Conversion parameter of Color Space Conversion block to R'G'B to intensity. The original image is of size 384-by-512-by-3 and the gray scale image output from the Color Space Conversion block is of size 384-by-512.

Export the converted image to MATLAB workspace as a variable named ConvertedImage using the Video To Workspace block. You can display the original image using the Video Viewer block.

Simulate and Display Results


The Video To Workspace block exports the converted image as a video with two identical frames and is of size 384-by-512-by-2. Use the imshow function to display the first frame in the video.