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Install or Uninstall MATLAB Web App Server Product


MATLAB® Web App Server™ must be installed in a trusted intranet environment on dedicated hardware. The only purpose of the physical or virtual machine where the server is installed must be to host web apps that connect to the server. The server must never be exposed to the open Internet. For more information, see MATLAB Web App Server Security.



MATLAB Web App Server is not supported on macOS (Apple silicon).

Installing the MATLAB Web App Server product requires a valid software license, which you can obtain by purchasing the product or downloading a product trial. For more information, visit the MathWorks Store.

To download the installer, visit MathWorks Downloads. For detailed instructions, see Download and Install MATLAB.

To start the installation, run the MathWorks® installer and select the MATLAB Web App Server product for installation.

Operating SystemInstructions


Double-click the matlab_R2024a_win64.exe file.


  1. Unzip the file by entering:

    unzip -d matlab_R2024a_glnxa64

  2. Navigate to the matlab_R2024a_glnxa64 directory and execute:

    xhost +SI:localuser:root
    sudo -H ./install
    xhost -SI:localuser:root

macOS (Intel® processor)

  1. Double-click the file to unzip.

  2. Double-click the matlab_R2024a_maci64.dmg file to mount the virtual disk.

  3. Double-click InstallForMacOS file in the virtual disk.

The installation process creates a default installation folder based on your operating system and the release version. For instance, the default installation folder for R2024a is as follows:

Operating SystemDefault Installation Folder


C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Web App Server\R2024a



macOS (Intel processor)




Before uninstalling the MATLAB Web App Server product from your system, you need to execute webapps-uninstall from the system command-line. Executing webapps-uninstall unregisters services and removes default user accounts used by the services. Failing to execute webapps-uninstall results in orphan services and user accounts and may make subsequent installations of the product unsuccessful.

To uninstall the MATLAB Web App Server product, follow the usual instructions for uninstalling MathWorks products. For more information, see Uninstall MATLAB.

You can manually delete the following folders after uninstalling the product:

Operating SystemFolders


Apps Folder: %ProgramData%\MathWorks\webapps\R2024a\apps

Logs Folder: %ProgramData%\MathWorks\webapps\R2024a\logs

Config Folder: %ProgramData%\MathWorks\webapps\R2024a\config


Apps Folder: /local/MathWorks/webapps/R2024a/apps

Logs Folder: /local/MathWorks/webapps/R2024a/logs

Config Folder: /local/MathWorks/webapps/R2024a/config

macOS (Intel processor)

Apps Folder: /Library/Application Support/MathWorks/webapps/R2024a/apps

Logs Folder: /Library/Application Support/MathWorks/webapps/R2024a/logs

Config Folder: /Library/Application Support/MathWorks/webapps/R2024a/config

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