Model and simulate message communication and discrete-event systems

Queue, Service, and Route Modeling

Generate and destroy entities and messages. Store entities with queues or “service time.” Route entities to your model with blocks and attach data to an entity using one or more attributes. Create event responses and manage them with Event Action tabs.

Resource Allocation Modeling

Group resources using batching. Specify resources using the Resource Pool block, identify resources to be used with the Resource Acquirer block, then release resources using the Resource Releaser block. Optimize models by running multiple simulations.

Simulation, Debugging, and Visualization

Simulate and debug your model. Create custom visualization tools or incorporate existing ones to visualize entity activity, examine queue contents, and develop presentation tools.

Statistics, Data Analysis, and Visualization

View output statistics to monitor and aggregate measures such as average service times. Visualize to understand block behavior and movement of entities between blocks. Use sequence viewer to visualize messages, events, and entities.

Interface with Simulink

Create Simulink models for time-based systems. Combine with event-based SimEvents models. Create and simulate these large-scale hybrid systems.

Block Authoring

Incorporate ready-to-use design patterns into your model, including random entity generation and random service time. Create custom behavior using MATLAB Discrete-Event System and Discrete-Event Chart blocks.


Explore examples that illustrate modeling and simulation of specific applications.

“By building a model with Simulink and SimEvents and running discrete-event simulations on a computer cluster, we rapidly identified many opportunities to maximize F-35 fleet performance while minimizing development and execution efforts.”

Justin Beales, Lockheed Martin

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