Electrical Power Systems Simulation

Electrical Power Systems simulation is an important technology for the energy production industry with goals encompassing generation and transmission planning, short term operational assessment, financial analysis, control algorithm development, and power quality assurance. Common uses of simulation for power systems include power or load flow estimation, machine initialization, short and open circuit fault injection, transient analysis, control of generating units, and optimization of power flow and quality. Complex power controls capable of maximizing performance and meeting regulatory requirements are often developed using simulation with the intention to deploy to a supervisory computer, programmable logic controller (PLC), or embedded controller.

Leveraging broad industry background and technical expertise gained from working with hundreds of companies, MathWorks Consulting Services works with you to meet your power controls simulation challenges.

In addition to helping achieve the correct level of model fidelity to support optimization and analysis, MathWorks Consulting Services has experience modeling power systems using parameterized physical network and data-driven models. We help you determine the appropriate model structure, and show you how best to use experimental data to estimate model parameters, or create data-driven surface fitted models. Analysis timescales may range from a microsecond to days and weeks. MathWorks Consultants work with you to develop the appropriate data collection mechanism and incorporate optimization and analysis mechanisms. These power system models can then be used to achieve your business or organizational goals.

Developing basic to complex control algorithms

Using industry background in power system modeling plus a deep knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink for Model-Based Design, MathWorks Consultants coach you on efficient techniques to implement control algorithms for a power system plant suitable for deployment to a supervisory computer, PLC, or embedded controller. We can guide your transition from desktop simulation to real-time hardware-in-the-loop power system controller-plant testing and into production deployment.

Meeting certification and safety standards

MathWorks Consultants have worked with numerous companies to implement algorithms and development processes that comply with certification standards, such as DO-178B, ISO 26262, and IEC 61508. We can help establish or fine-tune your development process around certification standards, ensuring that you achieve the best possible value from MATLAB and Simulink and significant reduction in development effort.

MathWorks Consultants help you to:

  • Achieve the desired level of accuracy of power simulation models faster
  • Apply Model-Based Design to power simulations reducing effort and time-to-market
  • Build in-house competency through consolidated coaching sessions and knowledge transfer