Financial Services

MathWorks Consulting Services enable teams of quants and their IT colleagues to work and collaborate in a single environment. MathWorks Consultants help financial professionals design and implement software solutions for complex financial models, perform data analysis, and optimization, and meet the demands of tightening regulations. MathWorks Consultants work with companies to rapidly prototype algorithms and integrate MATLAB based solutions into their enterprise systems. Financial professionals worldwide use the interactive programming environment and computational libraries of MATLAB to develop quantitative applications.

financial consulting analysis charts

MathWorks Consultants work with you to:

  • Implement quantitative prototype algorithms into MATLAB quickly and efficiently
  • Transform quantitative application prototypes into production front-office systems
  • Develop complete and scalable architectures suitable for business critical applications
  • Integrate MATLAB based solutions with your IT infrastructure
  • Deploy and integrate MATLAB algorithms with Excel, C++, .NET, or Java
  • Connect MATLAB with databases
  • Connect MATLAB to Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, FactSet, and other third-party data service providers
  • Apply MATLAB programming best practices to scale customer algorithms for high performance, transaction and data volume, and computational efficiency

With knowledge transfer and self-sufficiency as the end goal of every project, MathWorks Consultants function as part of your development team.

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