Optimal Engine Calibration

Automotive engine organizations must comply with increasingly stringent government fuel economy and emissions regulations while simultaneously providing customers with increased performance and lower costs. To meet these complex and conflicting requirements, manufacturers introduce new engine sensors and actuators that increase engine complexity and cost. In the electronic engine control unit (ECU), a large number of fuel, ignition, and air system settings must be explored and adjusted in order to arrive at an engine optimized for performance, fuel economy, emissions, and cost. Calibration is the process of exploring the behavior of an engine and arriving at optimal settings.

Quicker time-to-market demands for new products are shrinking engine development cycles

Using traditional exhaustive search methods, engine development projects cannot deliver optimal engine settings in predictable or shortened timeframes. MathWorks Consulting Services is experienced in the practical application of design of experiments (DoE) and helps you minimize the amount of physical testing required to calibrate an engine control application.

Using industry background in engine calibration development together with Model-Based Calibration Toolbox and Simulink Design Optimization, MathWorks consultants show you how to model the behavior of your engine from measured data, and determine optimal engine settings by balancing the tradeoffs of emissions, fuel economy, performance, and cost via numerical optimization of the model.

As organizations grow in engine control applications and employees, traditional engine calibration processes are difficult to communicate and execute

MathWorks consultants work with you to transfer the knowledge and techniques required to achieve an optimal engine calibration using MATLAB and Simulink, and ensure that processes and tools are shared and reused across your organization.

MathWorks consultants help you to:

  • Optimally achieve engine program fuel economy, performance, and cost targets at a given emission level requirement
  • Develop in-house competency for DoE, data modeling, and numerical optimization for future engine programs independent of MathWorks Consulting Services