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Measurement and Data Analysis for Engineering and Science, 4e

Measurement and Data Analysis for Engineering and Science provides up-to-date coverage of experimentation methods in science and engineering. This edition adds five new "concept chapters" to introduce major areas of experimentation before each is presented in detail, to make the text more accessible for undergraduate students. These feature Measurement System Components, Assessing Measurement System Performance, Setting Signal Sampling Conditions, Analyzing Experimental Results, and Reporting Experimental Results. More practical examples, case studies, and a variety of homework problems have been added, and MATLAB and Simulink resources have been updated. In addition, a supplemental set of MATLAB code files is available for download.


  • Provides solid coverage of measurement fundamentals, with modern applications and student activities
  • Includes new "concept chapters" to provide easily understandable overviews of major topic areas
  • Contains MATLAB, Simulink, and Arduino-based microcontroller programs, with code online
  • Employs a step-by-step learning approach and modular organization of chapters
  • Extensive student resources and password-protected instructor resources available on the book's website

About This Book

Patrick F Dunn, University of Notre Dame
Michael P. Davis, University of Southern Maine

CRC Press, Inc., 2018

ISBN: 978-1-1380-5086-0
Language: English

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