MathWorks Social Mission

We actively support our local and professional communities through initiatives that advance STEM education, foster staff volunteerism, build environmental sustainability, and aid global relief efforts.

MathWorks is committed to acting responsibly as a global corporate citizen. Our core values and conviction to “do the right thing” guide us in leveraging our unique company strengths for meaningful outcomes. We believe that investing in our Social Mission Program helps us to lead in both our communities and the field of technical computing.


We support innovative programs that advance education in the disciplines of engineering, science, and math.


We empower staff members to volunteer their time and talent in ways that can transform lives.


We support the vitality of the communities in which we work by contributing to organizations that help develop and enrich our cities and towns and by participating in local initiatives.

Green Initiatives

We support environmental sustainability through programs focused on recycling, improvements in energy efficiency, resource management, and facilities design.

Disaster Relief

We provide financial aid through authorized relief organizations in times of crisis.