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FCA Develops AUTOSAR-Compliant Engine Control System with Model-Based Design

“Model-Based Design lets us develop high-quality AUTOSAR-compliant code through graphical design, simulation, and code generation.”

Santhosh Jogi, Luigi Milia, and Sebastiano Tesio, FCA

The Powertrain Global Controls team at FCA, now Stellantis, developed the new generation of its gasoline Engine Control System using Model-Based Design and AUTOSAR with MATLAB®, Simulink®, and Embedded Coder™.

The AUTOSAR standard and the usage of Simulink models throughout the entire development cycle supported the collaboration of geographically distributed teams, minimizing the integration effort and maximizing reuse.

Key Outcomes

  • Enabled collaboration using models that provide a common language
  • Accelerated development time and ensured software quality by automatically generating code
  • Easily mapped AUTOSAR elements to Simulink
  • Decoupled data definition from models using Simulink Data Dictionary

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