Hardware Support

Audio Support from Audio Toolbox

Stream low-latency audio from and to multichannel sound cards for real-time audio signal processing and analysis

Capabilities and Features

Audio Toolbox enables real-time audio signal processing and analysis in MATLAB and Simulink. It provides low-latency connectivity for streaming audio from and to sound cards via the following driver standards:

  • Windows: DirectSound, WASAPI, ASIO™
  • Apple Mac OS X: Core Audio
  • Linux®: ALSA

Input and output audio interfaces are available as MATLAB System objects and Simulink blocks. To facilitate interaction with individual computer configurations, objects and blocks sense which audio devices are available and present a list corresponding to the local configuration.

In MATLAB, you can stream real-time multi-channel audio using elementary language constructs such as for or while loops, and adjust latency by changing the frame length to handle running on non-real-time operating systems. When using multi-channel audio devices, channel mapping allows routing signals to arbitrary channel selections.

All audio device interfaces in both MATLAB and Simulink support C code generation for acceleration and desktop prototyping. For example, you can generate libraries or standalone applications that process audio in real-time on the desktop.

Audio Toolbox also enables you to tune algorithm parameters interactively during simulations using external MIDI controls.