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Apple Hill

Apple Hill campus in Natick, MA

Since R2023b


The Apple Hill scene is a 3D environment of the MathWorks® Apple Hill campus in Natick, Massachusetts. The scene is rendered with Unreal Engine®.

Apple Hill scene


This scene is available only in the Aerospace Blockset™ Interface for Unreal Engine Projects support package. After installing this support package, follow these steps to use the scene:

  1. Add a Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block to your Simulink® model.

  2. In the Block Parameters dialog box, set the Scene source parameter to Unreal Editor.

  3. Set the Project parameter to your project file.

  4. Click the Open Unreal Editor button.

  5. In the Unreal® Editor, load the Apple Hill map by double-clicking MathWorksAerospaceContent Content > Maps > AppleHill.


The Apple Hill scene coordinate directions align with positive X pointing North and positive Y pointing East. Blocks in the Aerospace Simulation 3D library require dimensions in meters. For convenience, this section also provides dimensions in feet.


Version History

Introduced in R2023b