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Vehicle motion and driving scenarios

The Powertrain Blockset™ includes blocks for 1DOF and 3DOF vehicle motion. The driving scenario blocks allow you to specify a drive cycle and driver commands. Use the vehicle blocks in fuel economy studies and drive cycle analysis.


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Vehicle Body 1DOF LongitudinalTwo-axle vehicle in forward and reverse motion
Vehicle Body 3DOF Longitudinal3DOF rigid vehicle body to calculate longitudinal, vertical, and pitch motion
Vehicle Body Total Road LoadVehicle motion using coast-down testing coefficients
Motorcycle ChainImplement motorcycle chain
Motorcycle Body Longitudinal In-PlaneLongitudinal in-plane motorcycle vehicle motion
Drive Cycle SourceStandard or specified longitudinal drive cycle
Longitudinal DriverLongitudinal speed-tracking controller


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mdfAccess information contained in MDF-file
mdfVisualizeView channel data from MDF-file
channelListInformation on available MDF groups and channels
readRead channel data from MDF-file
saveAttachmentSave attachment from MDF-file
mdfDatastoreDatastore for collection of MDF-files
readRead data in MDF datastore
readallRead all data in MDF datastore
previewSubset of data from MDF datastore
resetReset MDF datastore to initial state
hasdataDetermine if data is available to read from MDF datastore
partitionPartition MDF datastore
numpartitionsNumber of partitions for MDF datastore


Install Drive Cycle Data

Install drive cycle data for the Drive Cycle Source block from a support package.

Track Drive Cycle Errors

Use the Drive Cycle Source blocks to identify drive cycle faults.

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