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Linear System Analyzer Overview

The Linear System Analyzer app simplifies the analysis of linear, time-invariant systems. Use Linear System Analyzer to view and compare the response plots of SISO and MIMO systems, or of several linear models at the same time. You can generate time and frequency response plots to inspect key response parameters, such as rise time, maximum overshoot, and stability margins.

You can launch the Linear System Analyzer in two ways:

  • Use the linearSystemAnalyzer command.

  • In MATLAB®, on the Apps tab under Control System Design and Analysis, click the app icon.

The easiest way to work with the Linear System Analyzer is to use the right-click menus. For example, type

load ltiexamples

at the MATLAB prompt. The default plot is a step response.

The Linear System Analyzer can display up to six different plot types simultaneously, including step, impulse, Bode (magnitude and phase or magnitude only), Nyquist, Nichols, sigma, pole/zero, and I/O pole/zero.

For examples of how to use the Linear System Analyzer, see Linear Analysis Using the Linear System Analyzer. For more detailed information about Linear System Analyzer menus and options, see: